Advanced Electric Safety Tips
Advanced Electric wants to keep you and your family safe with the following Home Electrical Safety Tips:
Check for loose fitting plugs as they may overheat.
Make sure cords are not cracked or frayed.
Keep cords out of high-traffic areas in your home.
Make sure cords are not overloaded.
Extension cords should be used only temporarily, not on a permanent basis.
Do not staple or nail extension cords to walls or baseboards.
Make sure plugs fit your outlets and never force a plug to fit your outlet.
Avoid overloading outlets with too many appliances.
Use GFCI's (Group Fault Circuit Interrupters) in any area where water and electricity can come into contact.
Check wattage of bulbs to make sure they are the correc wattage for the size of the fixture.
To Protect young children, use safety caps on all wall outlets.
Unplug all small kitchen appliances and household items (hairdryers, curling irons) when not in use.
Outdoor outlets should have waterproof covers, and be GFCI Protected.
Never leave faceplates off outlets or switches.
Do not use portable space heaters near combustibles such as curtains or newspapers.
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 If you have any concerns or questions about electrical safety in your home, please call us and we would be happy to address your concerns. Be safe!
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