Customer Testimonials
What Our Valued Customers Say About Advanced Electric

"To Paul Miller and Company at Advanced Electric and especially Tyler who completed the wiring of my new shop/pole building, a huge thanks. I had about been at my wits end with open ended bids, rudeness, lies and poor courtesy.

When I grew up and learned how to deal with people, a handshake and a person's word was as good as inviolate. Today that seems to be a thing of the past. So, it was simply blind luck that from the phone book I made a call knowing nothing of your company and its ethics.

My request for a bid was prompt, met and after work began I was never without a doubt I had made the right decision. Any delay or problem was explained via a phone call. There were no hidden or added charges except the ones I requested for extra service.

There is no better advertising than positive word of mouth. There is also no worse than negative word of mouth. Therefore, when my wife and I meet with Spane for the final wrap-up of our new building you can believe we will be singing your praises.

It is so refreshing to deal with professional owners and staff who really seem to care about the cleints they serve. In this economy one would think that would be the norm but apparently that is not so.

Again, Thank you for a job well done. Obviously it passedwith flying colors by the inspector. Happy holidays to you and your staff."

R. L. "Chips" Pike

"Advanced Electric has been a wonderful asset to our company and our customers. They are always striving to better themselves and are always conscientious of how they represent our company and customers. We are extremely pleased with their professionalism and workmanship. They are of the rare character that still believes that they won't put their name on it unless it is done right and that honesty and integrity is what grows your business and relationship with others. We are pleased to have Advanced Electric as a part of our team in our company and look forward to many long years of success with them."

Ward and Sadora

"Paul provides excellent service. As home owners, we appreciate that he listened to us and didn't cut corners. Paying attention to detail is the difference between an okay job and a great one."

William and Katherine Lang

"Electricity issues should be left up to professionals. Call Advanced Electric and get your job done right the first time."

Jeremy McCullough
Business Bank

"I feel very confident in the workmanship given by Advanced Electric. They demonstrated competence in every aspect of their field. They were very thorough and meticulous about each task. They were prompt in carrying out each task to ensure the deadline was met. Advanced Electric was very clear and concise about each task to reinforce my understanding. I recommend Advanced Electric for any future electrical practices. Thank you again for a great job!"

Sheryl Kelley
Anacortes, Wa

I have nothing but good things to say about Advanced Electric. They are reliable, perform amazing work and have great customer service!!

Karin Porrini
Fair Trade Haven
Bellingham, Wa

Safety Tips
Advanced Electric wants to keep you and your family safe with the following Home Electrical Safety Tips:
Check for loose fitting plugs as they may overheat.
Make sure cords are not cracked or frayed.
Keep cords out of high-traffic areas in your home.
Extension cords should be used only temporarily, not on a permanent basis.

Read all Electrical Safety Tips >>

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